Eco Policy

Thaba Eco Hotel has incorporated several creative and positive measures to contribute to the sustainability of its area and the planet as a whole as part of our Green Policy.

Measures taken to minimize our environmental impact:

  • Elimination of all exotic plant species and continuous removal of weeds
  • Reintroduction of game in the area. The animals eat the taller grasses while they are still young therefore giving the more scarce shorter grasses an opportunity to grow. This has a strong positive effect on the biodiversity of the area
  • Reintroduction of plants that used to be in the areas thus enhancing biodiversity
  • Annual fire breaks to protect the Flora. It gives that grassland and trees the opportunity to flourish. This reduces our carbon footprint substantially since trees utilize carbon in the process of photosynthesis
  • Co founder of the Klipriviersberg Conservancy now known as KlipSA
  • Created ‘edible and medicinal plant trails’ to educate guests and schools about the natural plants of the area and the importance of protecting the natural habitat and biodiversity
  • Indigenous landscaping and water wise gardens have been created to improve the biodiversity of the area. This has also led to a dramatic increase in the number of birds that have made Thaba Eco Hotel their home

Proactive measures to make a positive impact on our environment:

  • Thaba Eco Hotel established a Green Team  - Policy to recruit staff who live close to the resort to minimize carbon dioxide  gases created by using vehicles to travel to work
  • Established a full recycling plant recycling 97% of all paper, cans, glass, oil, plastic
  • Composting plant recycling 95% of all wet waste. This compost is then used to enhance the quality of the soil that was disturbed during the construction process
  • Use HASSAP approved chemicals
  • Energy saving globes in most areas to reduce the amount of electricity used thus minimizing our carbon footprint
  • Septic tanks and French drains have been closed and sewage connected to municipal network to ensure that it is properly recycled
  • Safe disposal of “low energy” light bulbs containing mercury
  • Safe disposal of electronic equipment such as TV’s
  • We recycle used ink cartridges through Mzansi, a local company specializing in the collection of used empty ink jet and toner cartridges from businesses, schools, charities and individuals throughout Southern Africa
  • On-site organic vegetable garden that supplies our Restaurant
  • Worm farm
  • Rain-water harvesting

Hotel rooms have been designed with the environment in mind by doing the following:

  • Mostly energy saving light bulbs
  • Carpet under-felt made from of recycled plastic
  • Dressing table leg made from recycled aluminium car rims
  • All wooden furniture manufactured in a green way
  • Colours of the exterior of the buildings represents the stone and tree bark to reduce visual impact
  • Only 50% of Bush veld Suites floor plan touches ground to ensure maximum protection of fauna and flora
  • Topsoil removed before construction and later used for landscaping
  • Aloes and bulbs are carefully removed from soil before construction and relocated
  • Double plumbing system to allow all grey water is recycled
  • Hotel guests are encouraged to use towels sparingly to reduce the use of water and chemicals
  • Hotel guests are encouraged to use less water while showering or bathing in order to save water
  • All rooms have solar powered geysers
  • All air-conditioning units are CFC free